Flexible payments plans for happier teams

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Access your earnings anytime, instantly

Withdraw up to 50% of what you’ve earned for whenever you need it. For just a small fee, it’ll be in your account right away

Track earned wages for full visibility

See how much you’ve earned throughout the month or after every shift in real-time, and keep track of the money you can withdraw

Flexible contracts help you plan ahead

You can now easily switch your contract with the employer from monthly pay to weekly or even hourly and still retain benefits and other team perks

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Tell your employer you want on-demand pay

Your employer can integrate with Shara easily and at no cost. Let them know you'd like earned waged access by getting in touch below!.

Empower employee financial wellbeing, at no cost to you

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Free, open, simple

We do not affect your cash flows, all transactions are financed by us.

Easy Integration

We work with your payroll software to remove any administrative burden.

Complete Control

Control how much your employees can spend within the month, increase limits to account for emergencies